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We have two membership packages: Monthly Membership or Annual Membership.

Cost: $4.95 per month or $47 per year (AUD$ and GST inclusive). Terms and Conditions

Monthly Subscription:    $4.95 per month (Free 7 days trial period)

Annual Subscription:   $47 per annuum  (Free 7 days trial period)


Q: I would like to learn how to cook Nyonya cuisine but I am not sure whether I can afford it?
A: I understand, that is why I am making it very affordable so that you can learn this amazing cuisine.

Q: Can I download the printable recipes?
A: Once you are a member of Nyonyalicious, yes you can download the recipes to keep.

Q: Can I view the videos anytime?
A: As long as you are a member of Nyonyalicious, you can view the videos anytime. However once you cancel your membership, you will not be able to have access to the video content 🙁

Q: Can I cancel my membership anytime?
A: Yes! Your access to the membership can be cancelled anytime.

For monthly membership: If you join on the 1st of January, your membership will go for 30 days of the following month. If a cancellation is made within three business days of an automated billing cycle (i.e. 3 days before the 1st of the following month), a refund will be issued. However no refunds will be issued after three business days of the charge date.

For annual membership: Your subscription will be valid for the whole year. To cancel your annual membership, please make sure you cancel within three business days of the next renewal.

Q: If I want to change from a monthly subscriber to an annual subscriber, can I do that?
A: Yes you can. Purchase a yearly subscription now and send to Tok Panjang through our contact form. We will make sure your annual subscription be activated when your current monthly subscription expires, so that you are not double billed.

Cost: $4.95 per month or $47 per year (AUD$ and GST inclusive). Terms and Conditions

Monthly Subscription:  

$4.95 per month (Free 7 days trial period)

Annual Subscription: 

$47 per year (Free 7 days trial period)

FREE Postage for your first order & enjoy Nyonyalicious free recipes straight to your inbox!

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Nyonyalicious online store will be closed from 23rd March until 15th April. We will still be taking orders, however orders will only be processed after the 15th of April. Dismiss