Ingredients: 100% Anchovies

Ikan Bilis/Dried Anchovies (split)

A much loved ingredient in South East Asia

Beautiful anchovies from Malaysia.

Packaging: 200g and 500g

Ikan bilis (Malaysian) is also known as anchovies in English.

Anchovies are small, salt-water fish and are easily found is most parts of the world. They are important in Asian as well as Mediterranean cuisines.

In Asia, we would eat them differently to Australia. The traditional method of processing and preserving anchovies in Asia is to salt them and dry them under the sun, and then eat them whole – including the head, bones and tail. We would usually gut them before cooking.

In my family, we usually use ikan bilis as stock. Instead of chicken/meat bones, I would substitute ikan bilis. Alternatively, we would deep fry them and serve as a crunchy topping or eat them whole with sambal.

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