10 Kgs fresh leaves into 1 kg powder

Freeze Dried – “Cellular Fraction-Line Technology”

Comes in 50g packs

50g Pack

Kaffir Lime Leaves: scientific name: Citrus Hystrix

Kaffir lime leaves are an essential ingredient in many Malaysian and Thai cuisines, but are normally not ingested. The leaves flavour the dish, but are discarded rather than eaten. This may be largely due to the fact that they are fibrous and difficult to chew and digest. Now it is available in Powder, very fragrant and you can ingest the leaves. Kaffir lime leaves aside from their culinary benefits have a high content of beneficial organic compounds that exert a positive effect on the human body. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, detoxification for oral health, skin care and cosmetics. Good in desserts too! Yum!

“Cellular Fraction-Line Technology”.

Normally the kaffir lime leaves would be dried in an oven and then mechanically ground to a fine powder.  The exposure to heat reduces the positive benefits by transmuting essential oils, denaturing the enzymes, and reducing the value of thermo-sensitive vitamins and other vital ingredients.  Through our proprietary process, ‘Cellular Fraction-Line Technology” to sustain the cellular and molecular structure as close as possible to how the plant grows in nature. The colour, aroma, and flavor are kept in tact as well as the medicinal ingredients that promote good health.

Benefits of Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir Lime Leaves:  scientific name: Citrus Hystrix

Kaffir lime leaves add a distinct slightly sweet citrus flavor descried as “rejuvenating,” “uplifting” for which there is no substitute. The flavor is due to high concentrations of alkaloids, citronellal, limonene and nerol. The aroma of kaffir lime leaves is primarily due to citronellal plus linalool.

Detoxification: Volatile compounds in the kaffir lime eliminate foreign agents and pathogens in the blood as well as supporting the liver and lymphatic system which cleanse the blood.

Anti-inflammatory: compounds stimulate the digestive system and help to relieve indigestion and constipation.  Bowel regulation helps prevent more serious gastrointestinal problems such as hemorrhoids, gastric ulcers and colorectal cancer. Stress reduction: used aromatically to sooth and calm the body and mind

Oral health: rubbed on the teeth and gums Kaffir lime helps to eliminate harmful bacteria that grow in the mouth. That instant “fresh” feeling is clear.

Skin care and cosmetic: topical applications include slowing the breakdown of cells and minimizing age marks, scars and pimples.

Citronellol and limonene help to repel insects whose bites can be not only be uncomfortable but may also carry serious diseases.

Antioxidant properties include acids that neutralize free radicals which damage the skin. Imagine for a moment not using the kaffir limes only to extract taste and aroma and then throwing the leaves away, but creating a fine easily- digestible stable whole-leaf powder that allows you to ingest the entire leaf.

The highly concentrated aroma and flavor is noticeable with the added benefits of the beneficial organic compounds that support your health.

Kaffirlime goes well with the following pastes: