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Malaysian Premium Anchovies

Malaysian Premium Anchovies


(4 customer reviews)

Premium anchovies from Malaysia
Ingredients: 100% Anchovies
Comes in 200g and 500g packs
 Split | Cleaned | Gutted | No Head

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Premium Anchovies from Malaysia

Premium anchovies from Malaysia.

Ingredients: 100% Anchovies

Comes in 200g and 500g packs

 Split | Cleaned | Gutted | No Head

Premium Richmond 500g

 Larger anchovies

Larger fish | Split | Cleaned | Gutted | No Head

Suitable for both stock and deep frying

Boy Brand Premium 200g

Medium | Split | Cleaned | Gutted | No Head

Suitable for both stock and deep frying

Ong Brand 500g

Medium | Split | Cleaned | Gutted | No Head

Suitable for stock

**Note: Can be quite hard/tough when deep frying

**Note: Must be refrigerated immediately. Not very well dried

Ikan bilis is already dried, so a pack can be kept in a cool dry area for up to 1-2 years (by use-by-date) or I usually keep them in the fridge or freezer. They will last for quite a while.

Use it as stock for babies when they first starting solid

When my children started solids, I used to cook porridge for them using ikan bilis as stock for the added sweetness. For example – pork porridge, I would boil the ikan bilis in the water together with rice. Once the rice had softened, I would add some pork fillet and vegetables, such as broccoli or cauliflower and carrots.

When all ingredients are cooked and softened, remove the anchovies and then blend the porridge. I use this method for fish porridge as well. This way, there is no need to further add salt or any flavouring to the porridge, as the dried anchovies have some salt from the preservation stage, and they also provide the sweetness/ umami flavour for the porridge.

In my family or mostly in Malaysia, we usually use ikan bilis as stock or deep fry them and serve as a crunchy topping, or eat them whole with sambal in nasi lemak.  As for stock, instead of using chicken/meat bones, we substitute ikan bilis as an alternate source of protein and umami flavour.

I use ikan bilis as stock over here in Australia most of the times, especially for a steamboat stock. The reason is that it is less oily, and we will be adding meat and seafood to the steamboat later on anyway.

Traditional Chinese Steamboat the Australian way

Add the tamarind paste with your Assam Prawn Dish/Ikan Bilis

Grab your fresh food ingredients and kitchen needs 

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Weight and Types

200g Boy Brand, 500g Richmond Brand – Larger in size, 500g Ong Brand

4 reviews for Malaysian Premium Anchovies

  1. Farah (verified owner)

    I bought the 500g Richmond brand to supplement my daily Nasi Lemak sambal ikan bilis cravings, so happy when I saw the generous amount in package and quality of anchovies are so good. Thank you Nyonyalicious

  2. Mary Nyam (verified owner)

    So worth buying the 500g Richmond anchovies. It was delicious and very good quality. If you are frying make sure very hot oil and the ikan bilis will turn out so crunchy , light and crispy.

    • Lay Ean Eng (verified owner)

      Thank you so much Mary and thank you for the tip. Lay Ean

  3. Walace Wang (verified owner)

    Good quality ikan bilis. Better quality than those selling in the asian grocery store. Happy with it. Will repurchase. Value for money too.

  4. Shereen (verified owner)

    I made some stock with the Boy Brand anchovies. Very fresh and umami, not bitter at all like some brands. Quite salty since I didn’t rinse it first (my fault hehe).

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