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Penang Kopi-O Kosong 15 x 18g No Sugar Added

Penang Kopi-O Kosong 15 x 18g No Sugar Added


Kopi-O Kosong
No sugar, no creamer
Product of Malaysia
15 sachets @ 18g per sachet
Classic Black
Best By Date: September 2025



No Sugar Added

Product of Malaysia
Net 270g
15 sachets @ 18g per sachet – (good for 2 cups of kopi per sachet)
Ingredients: Coffee Beans 70%, Sugar 29%, Margarine 0.5%, Salt 0.5%

Drinking Instructions:
Put a sachet of Kopi-O Kosong into a cup
Pour 200ml boiling water
Press the Kopi O Kosong with spoon and stir well, ready to serve

You can add: Milk, Sugar or Condensed Milk to the coffee

Please note: This product is processed in a factory that alsow processes nuts, tree nuts, wheat and soy derivatives

Personal feedback:
Thick, aromatic and a hint of burnt aroma
Each sachet can make 2-3 cups of coffee

OK, so what kopi would you like?

Here are a few examples when ordering kopi in a Malaysian kopitiam:

  • Kopi – Coffee + Condensed milk
  • Kopi-O (O means black – no added milk/condensed milk) plus sugar
  • Kopi – Cham – coffee, tea and condensed milk
  • Kopi-C – Coffee, evaporated milk and sugar etc
  • Kopi-O-Kosong – Hot black coffee with no sugar
  • Kopi-O-Po – Coffee + Sugar + Water
  • Kopi-Siew Dai – Coffee + Less Condensed Milk
  • Kopi Gau – Strong Coffee + Condensed Milk
  • Kopi Gah Dai – Coffee + Extra Condensed Milk
  • Kopi Peng – Iced Coffee + Condensed Milk

Blog post: Malaysian Coffee/ Kopi

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Additional information

Weight .27 kg


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