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Preserved Nutmeg Sweetened


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Enjoy Penang’s Popular Cheong Kim Chuan sweetened preserved nutmeg.
150g pack
Best by date: Dec 2021

Out of stock

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Penang’s popular Cheong Kim Chuan Sweetened Preserved Nutmegs

now in Australia!

Product of Malaysia

150g pack

Best by Date: December 2021
(shelf life is less than 12 months)

Ingredients: nutmeg, sugar, salt, permitted food preservatives (E211,223) & conditioner (E260)

All 3 preserved nutmegs range below:

Preserved Nutmeg Sugar Coated and Shredded
Preserved Nutmeg Sugar Coated and ShreddedPenang popular Cheong Kim Chuan’s Preserved Sugar Coated Nutmeg Now In Australia! Product of Malaysia … $2.75

1 review for Preserved Nutmeg Sweetened

  1. Gavsnutmeg (verified owner)

    As a kid born in Ipoh I always liked nutmeg and now that I can buy it from here and delivered to Brisbane is great . For all nutmeg lovers you won’t be disappointed ..

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