Our new customer reward system is designed to THANK YOU for being our loyal customers and supporters.

You can now earn points with every purchase made at Nyonyalicious website as well as sharing your love of Nyonyalicious with your friends and families.

Earn Points with every purchase

For every $20 you spend on your purchase with Nyonyalicious website, you will 1 point, which is equal to $1 that you can use for your furture purchases.

Every product on Nyonyalicious wesbite will allow you to earn points. Your points will be accumulate as you make further purchases from the site, until you use them in your future purchases.

Your points will never expire and there is no minumum or maximum amount you need to spend to utilise the points.

PLEASE NOTE:  In order for you to use the reward system, you do need to establish an ACCOUNT on the website. If you have not done so, you can register an account now or at the checkout.

Refer a friend

You can also earn reward points when you share Nyonyalicious with your friends and family. For every friend or familiy that you refer to and who has completed their first purchase from Nyonyalicious, you will earn 5 points equal to $5 that you can use for your future purchases.


  • The referral incentive is only for NEW customers only.
  • The points will be available after the order is marked as complete.


  • The referral points will be awarded only for first referrer when multiple referrer refer same referral.
  • The referral points will not be awarded when referrer and referral IP is the same.
  • The referral reward points for the price is calculated after discounts, i.e. excluding the coupon/ points redeeming discounts.