Sambal Har Bee


Crispy prawn in chilli – Sambal Hair Bee. Now conveniently in a bottle!


You will love this!!!


Glass bottle

You can do sooo many things with this product, especially stir frying vegetables like kangkung, add on rice or bread etc.

So the first thing I did was to test it on a bread… flavour is very good. Note it is the crispy dried shrimp, so you can feel / taste the crunchiness!

Warning… the sambal hae bee can be a bit on the spicy side for some people. So don’t add too much on the bread for the first time. 😋
However, after one mouthful … You will be HOOKED!!!


When you first open the bottle, you wll see the waxy substance on top. It is just the oil on the surface. It is like this during the cold weather.


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