Last Updated: 31st October 2022

Nyonyalicious is committed to do our upmost to protect your personal information and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and properly.

This Privacy Notice on this page describes how Nyonyalicious collects and process your personal information through our website. We only keep the necessary personal information on our platform.

Please read more about our privacy policy below.

When you type in – you will see https://. When you see the “s”, it means our site is secured. Which means, all information that is being transmitted is encrypted.

What personal information do we collect?

  • We ask for your name, shipping address, mobile number and email address.

How do we use this information?

  • We use the information for mailing purposes, where we provide your shipping details to the courier company to send your parcel to you.
  • We also use the information to communicate with you with regards to your order where necessary.
  • We use your email address to send updated news about our products via our emailing system – Mailchimp. You can opt out at anytime.

Your personal information and order history will be archived on our system under “My Account”.

What about your payment details?

  • We do not store your payment details on our system. Our credit payment gateway is via Thus, your payment transaction will be monitored and heavily guarded behind Paypal’s advanced fraud- protection technology to prevent fraud and identity theft.
  • If you pay via Direct Bank Transfer, your payment will be handled by both our banks.
  • It is very rare we handle sales over the phone. If we ask for your credit details over the phone, once the transaction has gone through, we will shred your payment details immediately.

What about cookies?

For our systems to recognise your browser or device when logging in to Nyonyalicious website, cookies are used. Cookies are small text files that our website may place on your computer or devices, and they are used to recognise repeat users of the website and remember your preferences.

We may also collect information on the purchases and browsing experiences for statistical analysis; this way, it will allow us to improve our users’ and customers’ experience on our website.

Does Nyonyalicious sell or share your information?

  • Your personal information is important to us and we value your privacy. We are not in the business of selling our customer’s information to other businesses.

How secure is your personal details with Nyonyalicious?

  • We work hard to protect your security and privacy of your personal information during transmission by using encryption protocol, and we use software to protect your information that is stored on our site.
  • We ensure that the most up to date security measures are used on both our platforms. Our devices offer security to protect them against unauthorised access of your information. You can also control and configure them by setting your own password and user-id.
  • It is also important that you need to protect yourself against unauthorised access to your password from your computer and devices. Be sure to sign off when you have finished.

What information can you access from your Account section?

  • You can access your personal details – name, shipping details, phone number, email address  – and your order history in your Account section.

Since we do not keep your credit card details or bank account details on our platform, you will have to enter them each time you place an order.

Nyonyalicious may contain links to 3rd party websites as an affiliate, such as to Amazon or others. Nyonyalicious is not responsible for the content, privacy and security practices of those sites. Those websites have their own privacy and security policies, which we encourage you to read before supplying your personal details.

Please note: We may amend our privacy Policy from time to time. The most updated version will be published on our website.

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