I am a Nyonya who grew up in Penang, and absolutely love Penang cuisine, be it Penang Nyonya Cuisine, or the famous hawker food, such as char koay teow, Penang hokkien mee, assam laksa etc.

I left home more than 30 years ago, but I still cook my childhood dishes almost everyday. I supposed if you grew up with such an amazing cuisine, you would not mind enjoying them every day, right?

So, if you …

  • Grew up in Penang, migrated to another country, love the cuisine but don’t have the time to cook from scratch or don’t really know how to blend the spices
  • Visited Penang and fell in love with the flavours of Penang
  • Want to find out more about Penang’s amazing cuisine because you are married to a Penangite …

You are in the right place!

What I am going to share with you is how to re-create the flavours of Penang, whether they are the Penang hawker style dishes or Penang Nyonya Cuisine. But I can show you the fun and easy way by using readymade ingredients!

Why readymade ingredients? Easy – Tasty – Quick

This is based on my own personal journey.

I left Penang for Australia over 30 years ago. I love my Penang food, and would have daily if possible. However, some 30 plus years ago, we could not get most of the ingredients in Australia. On top of that, I did not have much time to prepare the dish from scratch; plus I was not very good at blending the spices together.

So I used to cart back to Australia packets of readymade pastes every trip to Penang, and everyday I was just adding raw ingredients to the pastes; it was that easy!

However, right now, we are so blessed to be able to have access to all the raw and readymade ingredients in Australia and other parts of the world. Why not make use of all these amazing ingredients, and start re-creating the amazing flavours of Penang!

So if you love Penang food, but

  • Lack the time or
  • Don’t know how to blend and harmonise the spices together

… then let’s have FUN together!

I am passionate about sharing my childhood dishes (Nyonya cuisine) and other flavours of Penang, such as Penang hawker style dishes, to the community, and aim is to re-create these amazing dishes in no more than 30 minutes.

Why am I re-creating these dishes?

Firstly, I love my childhood dishes, and I would love to enjoy them at least a few times a week if possible. It is so much more economical and healthier if we can cook ourselves.

Sharing your Culture and Traditions

On top of that, it is always great to be able to share our childhood dishes with your family, especially your children, so that they have a better understanding of your culture and heritage through these dishes, especially when you are living away from your childhood home.

Also, I have known many friends who have visited Penang and would love to re-create those dishes back in Australia.

So… let’s start with the simple and do-a-ble recipes from the Nyonyalicious site.

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