Chilli Pastes (Hot)


Product of Malaysia

Very spicy hot chilli paste.

Comes in 500g pack


Product of Malaysia

Very spicy hot chilli paste.

Comes in 500g pack

In many Nyonya as well as Asian dishes, they tend to call for chilli paste. So what we used to do is to pound or stone grind (gilling in Malaysian) chillies from scratch.

However, I am always on the hunt for time saving ingredients, and this chilli paste is one of them. There are so many ways to use the chilli paste, whether cooking sambal kankung, curries, sambal, dipping sauce; in fact you can use it in any dishes that require chillies.

For this chilli paste, the ingredients are very basic, i.e. chillies, salt and water (albeit natural preservatives); you can use this chilli sauce and add your own twist with it, i.e. add shallot, garlic etc.

With the chilli paste handy in your freezer or fridge, it will save time having to grind up the chilli paste from scratch.


Ingredients: Chilli, Water, Salt and Benzoic Acid

Once opened, need to refrigerate. Store in cool dry area

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