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Roasted Garlic Granules

Roasted Garlic Granules


Product of China
Roasted | Dehydrated | Comes in 200g & 1kg
Perfect for Garlic Oil
Best By Date: December 24


10/20 Garlic Granules

Roasted – an alternative to fresh garlic.

200g and 1kg pack

Product of China

To make garlic oil:

Can be used for garlic oil
Heat up the oil
Add the garlic granules to the hot oil (not boiling) and let it cool. That’s it!!!
So convenient!

Note: The garlic granules have lighter flavour than fresh garlic.

For convenience, replace 1 teaspoon of garlic with 1 tsp of granules. Uses: Add to marinades, soups, stews or marinades

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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