Are card and letter writing still relevant in today’s society?

How often do you write letters to your friends and families? Do your children still use pen and paper to write letters or postcards?

Do you still remember your pen pals? I remembered I had two pen pals when I was growing up, and anticipated the letters with great excitement.

With technology advances, nowadays, we rely on electronic mails (emails) to correspond to our friends and relatives, Facebook to keep in touch and Skype to reach out to our love ones.

So how often do you keep in touch via physical letter or cards? Do you still send Christmas cards or birthday cards?  Are card and letter writing still relevant in today’s society?

Physical letters and cards

I still look forward to physical letters and cards in the mail. Do you?

Personally, I feel that they represent a more personal touch and caring when someone takes the time to hand write, or even type out a note – with your name personally written on the envelope, you can’t help but  feel special.

Physical letters and cards represent care. It feels like the sender thinks and cares enough to put their thoughts onto the card or letter. Cards show that they care enough to take the trouble and make the time to send it out via Post Office, and value you enough to place the stamps on the envelope and personally hand write your name and address onto the envelope. Would you feel special too?

Benefits of writing physical letters and cards

  • Connections – Encourage you to put some thoughts onto the cards when writing. When they start writing the names of the sender, they connect with them in a real way.
  • It also gives you a sense of WHO you are. When you start writing and re-connecting with your relatives and friends, you will feel a sense of belonging. It helps you to feel closer to the person you are writing to, and helps you to promote a sense of well being and joy in you.
  • In the blog I wrote – Kids and Play, I mentioned about an article “School kids suffering hi-tech flabby fingers” 4th May 2013. ( With the number of hours children are spending on computers, it helps when your children spend some time to physically write and practice their hand writing and hand muscles. This also applies to adults.
  • Writing helps with language awareness and vocabulary. When you write on computer, the computer will auto-correct the grammar and spelling; however, when you physically write, you don’t have that luxury, so extra care is needed to make sure the sentences flow and spelling is correct. Thus, it will encourage you to value what you have written more.

Encourage your children to write

Guide and encourage your children to make time to write physical letters and cards, or at least cards to relatives and friends. Use the special moments like birthdays or Christmas, and encourage them to put aside some time to share their wishes with their relatives and friends.

It is a great way to connect with relatives and friends on a personal level. Hand-made cards send the extra special message. Letters and cards can also be held in the hand – another great feeling.


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