Planting together - connections and Fun

Nowadays with work, career and social media, we tend to communicate and interact face-to-face less and less with each other. As we know, when we interact and communicate less, the bonding and family connections tend to be less.

We know that connecting with your children is crucial for establishing relationships with them, especially by consciously sharing daily experiences together.  Thus, in today’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to plant something together.

Intentions: Bonding – Planting together

  • More interactive than watching televisions together
  • Children can work together with you.
  • It is FUN.
  • Gives them opportunity to learn about ginger.
  • Able to use their hands, feel the soil and plants – more grounded and in touch with nature
  • Increases their sensory skills by feeling the texture of the soil, and physically have to plant the ginger roots, plus water them.
  • Learning whether ginger grows well during the warmer or cooler season

What you need:

  • Plants that you would like to plant together
  • Select the container, such as a foam container – this way you can just cut away bit by bit when you need the ginger.
  • Soil – whether from your garden or store packets
  • Garden tools – gloves and spades
  • Some water after planting
  • If you are under the sun, use sunscreen and wear a hat.

What your children can gain and learn from this exercise –

  • They appreciate the fun outdoors, something different from the electronic screen.
  • They learn how plants grow. What do they need? Such as sun light, water and how long does it take to see the first leaf, what to expect…
  • They learn about patience as well – the time frame involved before they can harvest the “fruits” or the flowers.
  • They are more grounded by getting in touch with the outdoors.
  • Discipline – must water them daily, especially if hot.
  • Most of all, your child has your attention.

Planting plants together is one of many FUN interactive activities that you can share with your child. It encourages your child and yourself to head outside to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air, but most of all, it is about shared experiences and a conversational topic that you can share and update each other on daily.

For example, when you ring home from work to talk to your children, instead of “how are you?”, “how’s your day?”, you can start the conversation with “how’s the plant doing today?”, “has it flowered yet?”

Do you see the quality of the conversational topic? It is something that you can elaborate on and share together.

Find something fun to share and interact with your family daily. There are so many things to chose from…

Have a fun and connected day!