Little Nyonya Vegetarian pastes

I am so excited!! Our new vegetarian range of pasteshave just arrived!

Currently we have 4 flavours for this range – Curry Chicken, Rendang, Penang White Curry Mee and Nyonya Assam. These pastes would be excellent for vegetarians, vegans and for those who have an allergy to prawns. They are also suitable for those who don’t like the aroma of shrimp paste, as there is no shrimp paste added to the pastes.

See below for the ingredients in each paste:

Rendang paste:

Vegetarian Curry Chicken:


Vegetarian Nyonya Assam

Vegetarian White Curry Mee:


Vegetarian Belachan Powder

If you like to make your own curry pastes or sambal belachan, we have wonderful news for you. We also have Vegetarian Belachan powder. The ingredients used for this product are Soy Bean, Salt and water.

This is excellent for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those who are allergic to prawns.

The belachan powder is roasted and ready to use. Just add to chillies to make sambal belachan. It comes in a 200g pack.

Enjoy the vegetarian pastes and belachan powder.