The reason for today’s blog post is because I had been talking a lot about Assam Laksa for the past few days with friends and families. And I ended cooking a pot of laksa for the weekend’s meal.

So what makes a bowl of assam laksa or any other dish delicious or unique? Is there a secret to a delicious bowl of Assam Laksa?

From my opinion, there is no right or wrong ways to cook any dish; it varies from an individual’s tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes.

To cook Assam Laksa for example, the ingredients can be similar, but the end results may differ.


Because I may use salmon bones as stock for its oilyness and fishyness; however, others would use yellow tail or other less oily fish and less “fishy” in taste. I will boil the soup/stock longer and mash up the fish, whereas others will just boil it for a while, or I like the onions and torch ginger (kantan) to be added to the soup and boil them together, while some people have them raw, and use them as garnishes.

I also like my assam laksa’s stock “oily” and fishy, while some people like the soup clear and non oily. Some like it sourish and some do not … I love lots of shrimp paste on my laksa for sweetness, but some would not like the shrimp paste. I love lots of cucumber, but some love more pineapple…and so on.

So… Is there such a thing like a perfect Assam Laksa? or any dish?

From my humble opinion… there is not one way to cook a particular dish; and there is no right or wrong to any dishes. Trust your gut and go with your taste buds and your preferences. Your perfect dish is the one that makes you happy in the tummy!

Enjoy your Assam Laksa. Here is the Assam Laksa recipe.

Assam Laksa Recipe

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