Mee Siam

Will you be hosting the family this coming festive season?

Have you thought of what to serve your guests?

Would you like some ideas on quick and easy authentic dishes and snacks that your guests would love and won’t break the bank?

I am writing a few creative recipes on Nonya Cuisines Made Simple for entertaining. You will learn how to create simple authentically tasty nonya dishes that can be whipped up in under 30 minutes.

So, today I am going to start with a noodle dish РMee Siam! This is using the Little Nonya readymade mee siam pastes.

>> Check out the recipe:

You will need some raw ingredients like:

  • Prawns – for flavouring
  • Hard tofu – for garnishing
  • kaffir lime leaves – for aroma
  • dried rice noodles (bee hoon)
  • bean sprouts / lettuce
  • eggs – for garnishing
  • lime – adds to sourish flavour

For bean sprouts – they do not last very long in the fridge, so you can always substitute with lettuce.

Grab your fresh food ingredients: