Author: Kim Ban Cheo 

About the Book The text takes the reader systematically through the wedding of Babas to Nyonyas in full traditional style. Beginning with the matchmaking process and ending with post-nuptial parties, Cheo Kim Ban discusses the significance and beauty of each ritual, highlighting the symbolism behind the paraphernalia used. The author also traces, wherever relevant, the ‘local’ influences which colour the original Chinese beliefs to make the unique cultural heritage of a wedding in the Baba community. Well researched and containing a stunning collection of photographs taken at an actual Malaccan Baba wedding, this volume is a tribute to his heritage from a true son of Malacca.

About the Author Born in 1929, Cheo Kim Ban received his education at Malacca High School. During the post World War II years, he contributed articles to a youth paper, Young Malayans and was editor of his school magazine. He came to Singapore in 1950 and after graduating from teacher training, he worked in the education field both in Singapore and Sabah. The author also worked in the publishing industry and in a merchant bank till his retirement in 1981.