Dried Sliced Bunga Kantan 50g

Dried Sliced Bunga Kantan 50g


Now you can enjoy the convenience of the Dehydrated Kantan / Torch Ginger flower whole year round.





The Biotechnology processing approach from making the Dry Sliced Bunga Kantan:

  • The dehydrated kantan flower is made from PURE flower – The outer layer of petals n all stems are removed, just the pure sweet flower is used.
  • Using low heat dehydration process for drying in order to retain the texture & aroma.

How to use the dehydrated kantan flowers:

  1. You can add the flowers straight to your assam laksa, nyonya assam or any dishes that will benefit from the bunga kantan aroma and simmer.
  2. To rehydrate – soak the dehydrated flower in warm for at least 10-15 minutes.

** To maximise the hydration process, please allow at least 10-15 minutes for the flowers to soak in the gravy / stock / water.

Hydrated kantan

  • Aroma is mantained
  • Texture is still intact ** not as cruchy as fresh kantan flower, but can still feel  the texture and taste the aroma the kantan flower. Perfect for making kerabu! (Malaysian salad).


Using the hydrated kantan to make Kerabu Bee Hoon – Penang Style

Perfect combination!

Comes in 50g packaging:

How to store the dried kantan?

Once opened, store in air tight containers



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