Florence Tan Best Nyonya Recipes by [Tan, Florence]

Author: Florence Tan
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Nyonya dishes with its piquant, spicy, savoury and sweet flavours are now within easy reach with this collection from veteran Nyonya chef, Florence Tan.

Learn how to cook perennial favourites like PineapplePatchree, Chicken Rumpah, and Pang Susi, a dessert of savoury meat encased in sweet pastry.

The elaborate preparation of Nyonya cuisine is clearly explained, from the seasoning and spicy paste to basics like food colouring and coconut milk, allowing you to appreciate the many layers and flavours of Nyonya fare.

With easy-to-follow instructions and careful details, Florence Tan makes it a breeze to reproduce the best meals from her collection of Straits Chinese recipes.

Amazon Kindle Verson | Paperback

Dymocks – Paperback