Peranakan Snacks And Desserts


Peranakan Snacks And Desserts by [Yee, Julie]

by Julie Yee

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An essential component of the cuisine, Peranakan snacks and desserts delight with their various shapes, colours, tastes and textures. The four sections, Nyonya kuehs and sweet treats, cakes, tarts and cookies, savoury snacks and hot and cold desserts, contain classic Peranakan gems like ondeh ondeh, sugee cookies, Nyonya sweet rice dumpling and bubor cha cha as well as modern adaptations such as walnut cake with chocolate rice, red bean kee chang soup and gula melaka coconut tarts.

With easy to follow step-by-step recipes that are adapted for the modern kitchen, Chef Julie Yee makes these irresistible snacks and desserts more accessible for the busy home cook.

Delight your family and friends with a special treat today.

Amazon Kindle Version. Amazon: Paperback

Dymocks: Paperback


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