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Rose Brand Black Vinegar 600ml

Rose Brand Black Vinegar 600ml


57 in stock

Product of Malaysia, Penang
Best By Date: June 2026

57 in stock


Can be used to add the acidity and sweetness to braised dishes.

Ingredients: Malt, Sugar, Salt, Thick Soy Sauce and Apple Vinegar



Black Vinegar tastes better as it matures. It is easier to drink for those who have difficulty drinking/consuming ordinary vinegar and it also contains more amino acid compared to ordinary vinegar.

Black Vinegar helps to detox the body and balance the PH level as well as improving the digestion. Black Vinegar is also said to have the ability to boost energy levels and possesses health-promoting properties as it contains considerable higher amounts of amino acids, comparing with other vinegars.  It can be used to add the acidity and sweetness to braised dishes.


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