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Tamarind Paste 250g Richmond Brand

Tamarind Paste 250g Richmond Brand

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Comes in 250g pack
Best By Date August 2024
Product of Malaysia

4 in stock


From Nyonyalicious Shop

Comes in 250g pack

With seeds

Product of Malaysia

What can you cook with the tamarind juice?

You add it to dishes like “tumis assam”, assam prawn dish etc. Use tamarind juice as an alternative to lemon/lime.

How to use the tamarind paste?

You need to soak in warm water for at least 10 minutes and squeeze out the juice. The juice is what you want for your dish.

Once it is soften, remove the seeds from the flesh and squeeze the water from the flesh

The liquid looks dark brownish and taste sourish. Use the liquid for your sour-ish dishes.

Watch the video below:

“The tamarind tree produces pod-like fruits, which contain an edible pulp that is used extensively in cuisines around the world. Other uses of the pulp include traditional medicine and metal polish. The wood can be used for woodworking, and an oil can be extracted from the seeds. Because of the tamarind’s many uses, cultivation has spread around the world in tropical and subtropical zones.

The fruit pulp is edible. The hard green pulp of a young fruit is considered by many to be too sour, but is often used as a component of savory dishes, as a pickling agent or as a means of making certain poisonous yams in Ghana safe for human consumption.

The ripened fruit is considered the more palatable, as it becomes sweeter and less sour (acidic) as it matures. It is used in desserts, as a jam, blended into juices, or sweetened drinks, sorbets, ice creams and other snacks. In Western cuisine, it is found in Worcestershire Sauce. In most parts of India, tamarind extract is used to flavor foods ranging from meals to snacks, and tamarind sweet chutney is popular in India and Pakistan as a dressing for many snacks.

Tamarind pulp is a key ingredient in flavoring curries and rice in south Indian cuisine, as well as in the Chigali lollipop. Across the Middle East, from the Levant to Iran, tamarind is used in savory dishes, notable meat-based stews, and often combined with dried fruits to achieve a sweet-sour tang.” Source:

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