I am going to take this opportunity to thank you for your support with the launch of my first book – United We Shine!. It was definitely a surreal experience with the Amazon #1 Best Seller sticker on it!!!!

It has definitely been a JOURNEY!

I started this book few years ago, and only managed to find the courage to put it out there to share with the world. Until today, I still could not actually believe what I just did, but I am very glad I did, as this will be the first of many books to come, and I am going to focus on interesting stories from the migrant community.

What is this book about?

Extract from the book:

What I am sharing in this book is my own journey – It is a story of my journey of personal growth over the past 30 years, from being an overseas student to a young professional, enjoying the freedom and space to explore and build my life without the constrain of cultures and traditions and through parenthood, intertwining between new found freedom, new culture, with my own culture, values and beliefs that I inherited.

It was about re-evaluating my beautiful Baba Nonya culture and traditions, how they formed my beliefs and established my values, and how it impacted me as a person and set forth my parenting paradigm. Only through the relationships with my two amazing teachers  – my children, that set forth my path of self awareness and healing.

Is this book for you? Yes if…

  • If you ever start a sentence when speaking with your child or children with …”When I was growing up… I…”
  • If you are experiencing your values, your beliefs and your ideas of parenting are being challenged daily by your children and the society.
  • Do you ever wondered whether is it ever possible to create harmony and a balanced lifestyle in your adopted country and still able to share and instill your cultural values that you left behind?
  • Are you finding the new culture or ideology being experienced by your children in your adopted country starting to conflict with your own values and beliefs?
  • Are you feeling at a loss, unable to connect and misunderstood in a country where you intend to make your home?
  • Starting to doubt your own sets of values, beliefs and even yourself?
  • Wondering why your children are forever rebelling against the boundaries you set?
  • Have you ever thought that maybe you may have made a mistake moving to the new country?
  • If you are trying to replicate the lifestyle you left behind, where your family and your community are just around the corner to offer comfort and support but in vain?

If find this book useful, or know of any friends or families wanting to find some balance in their lives, please forward this book to them.

Have a wonderful day with your family.

You can also grab this book from Amazonhttps://amzn.to/2M5vcvh (Kindle version)