Our first morning in Penang! 

After two and half years of border closers, we are now able to travel back to Penang.

Initially, we were not sure of what to expect. We had questions: how had the restrictions affected the community on the whole, whether the food stalls were still operating, what were the new procedures of eating out? Also, would the shopping centres and public places be open with any restrictions in place? But to our surprised, everything seems to be back to normal – the hawker centres are in full swing.

The food is just as amazing as before, and mind you, the hawker centres are packed with locals as well as tourists. It was as though the lock-down never happened.

It was so lovely to reconnect to the aroma of the amazing array of food and the interactions with the hawkers, the shop owners and eager customers (like me).

As usual, the first week was spent catching up with relatives, and of course hitting the food stalls. The only change that I noticed was that the prices are higher than before, which is expected as it is similar to many parts of the world.

About to head out for our breakfast… I will write more in my next news update.

Keep warm.