Otak otak in baking dish

Ok – this is one dish that I have been experimenting with the most – and I think it is one of the most successful dishes I had ever made with readymade spices.

This would be one of the easiest dishes that would earn you a HUGE accolade from your friends and family.


Because the flavour is very authentic to the Penang otak otak flavour and it is super easy to make.

There are so many ways you can cook your otak otak:

Make it the traditional way – using banana leaves.

Put them in the foil baking cups – as finger food and serve with bread.

Place them in a baking/Pyrex dish – serve whole.

Check out the recipes (using 4 eggs and 6 eggs) for otak otak.

Otak Otak Ingredients:

Candlenut 500g
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Curry Kapitan Paste
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Kaffir lime leaves on white background.
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Grab your fresh food ingredients: