Family recipes

Every family has one – What is your family secret recipe?

DO you have family recipes that you love?

The past few nights I was on the phone discussing with my mum about the food that we used to enjoy. We were comparing and discussing ingredients for the upcoming 30 recipes that I am going to share with you in mid August…

The conversation took us to the local ingredients that we used to use, and the stores / shops that we bought them from. We talked about the relatives that shared those dishes with us and the equipment that we used to use, and how we used to cook for them or they cook for us. We remembered those family rituals and the unique ways we used to cook for the extended family.

Sometimes I forgot about a particular ingredient, but through descriptions of taste, shapes, colour and the relative who used to cook that particular dish, that discussion brought back memories of that particular ingredient.

Talking about food / family recipes allows me to reconnect to my childhood, it brought back a lot sweet memories, and I thought about the relatives that had passed and who had shared and passed down the labour of love to the next generation.

For my mum and me, we always had the connection of the love of food, especially our family recipes; we had our little twist and our unique ways of cooking them.

So no matter where I am in the world, the connection with our family recipes will always be there. Whenever I am feeling home sick and missing a particular dish, it is just a phone call away.

So my question to you today – what is the connection that you share with your mum or dad or any family member?

What ever it is, take advantage of the shared common interest or family rituals to connect with your family. Time waits for no one; make some time in your busy schedule to connect and make the time reach out to your family.

Reconnect to yourself, reconnect with your family, and remember… you are not alone!

Have a fun day with your family.