Connections through Family Rituals

Every family has it and we probably don’t even realise – We have Family Rituals!

Family rituals are things that you do with your family members only, and may not be practiced in other families, such as:

  • your dad and you will always brush your teeth together
  • a special good morning greeting
  • a special song that you and your dad or mum share
  • a particular type of biscuit that your family “dunk” in coffee
  • a Sunday brunch at a special eatery
  • chit chatting after dinner
  • dad calls on the way home from work
  • a special TV program that the family follows
  • home movie sessions every school holidays
  • or like my grandfather’s puzzle on his puzzle table etc.

Some rituals are handed down from generations, such as:

  • Our family will make specific new year cookies every Chinese New Year or for some other festive celebrations.
  • Some have a family gathering every year .
  • Families may make a special dish for birthdays.
  • Some families sing a song that they share in the car when going for a holiday.

Family Values

Family rituals are unique to your family, i.e. no one but your family understands them. It gives your child a sense of belonging, i.e. who they are, and being included as part of the family.

It will also build and strengthen family ties and family values, which in turn adds to your child’s sense of security and predictability.

How can you enhance family rituals and make it more fun?

  • Bring out your photo album to share your childhood stories with your children.
  • Involve your children in making traditional dishes, especially during festivities.
  • Involve the family and have friends over to celebrate special occasions.
  • Ask your children to create new rituals.

Have fun exploring your family rituals and make every interaction fun – relationships with your family are about shared experiences.

Would love to hear some of your family rituals.