Our breakfast in Penang

I just came back from visiting my parents in Malaysia. Even though it was a three week trip, the time just flew by. We spent most of the time with relatives in Penang, Perak and Singapore, and also too advantage by indulging in the local produce while we were there. Unfortunately, I missed out on durians, as the season was over, which was a shame.

For breakfast, it was hawker food all the way. It was a real “pleasure” to be able to sample all types of delicious hot breakfast so deliciously prepared and easily accessible by everyone, and the coffee shops are open from as early as 6am.

So we took advantage of the early hours to enjoy our teh tarik (pulled tea) and Malaysian black coffee, while sampling HOT breakfasts (both physically hot as well as spicy hot) every morning. It was also a big bonus that my mum was able to join us for the early breakfasts (at 6.30am), before heading back to attend to my dad by 9am. So we have a few hours to catch up before the day started.

However, I am now back in Sydney, and the pleasure of hot and delicious breakfasts is not as easily acquired as when I was in Penang. Yes, you can still enjoy the delicious meals from the various Malaysian restaurant outlets around Sydney; however, to prepare such meals for breakfast, it has to come from your own kitchen.

Introducing Nyonyalicious

As some of you will know, I am in the midst of preparing the Nyonyalicious Cooking class. With the new content coming up, I thought it would be easier to move all content to a new site – nyonyalicious.com.au and I have also created a new Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/nyonyaliciousAU. Please visit the new Facebook Page, and click LIKE. By clicking LIKE, you will receive all the Facebook updates from Nyonyalicioius.

I am still finalising the content; however over the next few weeks, I will be sending out more information to the those who have registered their interest for the course.

If you are interested in Nyonya cuisine, and would like to find out how to create these dishes in under 30 minutes, register your interest right now at https://nyonyalicious.com.au/nyonyalicious/

I will be sending out more information very shortly.

Have a pleasant day