I have been working behind the scenes for a while and now would like to take this opportunity to introduce Nyonyalicious to you!

Before I do that, I will share with you a brief introduction about the meaning of Tok Panjang and Nyonya cuisine.

Tok means table in Hokkien/Fujian and Panjang means long in Malay, which means Long Table. Hence – Tok Panjang means Long Table.

However, in the Baby Nyonya / Peranakan terminology, Tok Panjang does not only mean Long Table, it represents a FEAST on a Long Table. This means an array of Nyonya cuisine served on a Long Table.

Peranakan, Baba and Nyonya

More information, refer to (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peranakan)

Peranakan Chinese, or Straits-born Chinese, are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay archipelago including British Malaya. Members of this community in Malaysia address themselves as Baba Nyonya.  Nyonya is the term for the women and Baba for the men.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peranakan)

Sometimes you will hear Peranakan cuisine or Nyonya cuisine. They often mean the same thing. Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community.

(Refer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peranakan_cuisine)

It the olden days, in order for the Nyonya ladies to be considered an ideal Nyonya bride, they were expected to be proficient in preparing delectable cakes and dishes. Thus, the training in cooking and domesticity would start at a very young age.

A proper Nyonya cuisine is very labour-intensive, as the nyonyas are meticulous about their food presentation. For example, vegetables, like carrots, were crafted into floral designs, or were very finely chopped, while kaffir lime leaves were finely sliced etc.

Therefore, my mission is to introduce Nyonya cuisine, but in a simplified way, using readymade sauces and ingredients. So instead of blending raw ingredients from scratch, I use the readymade sauces to recreate similar authentic Nyonya flavours.

Introducing Nyonyalicioius

Therefore, I am starting an online cooking class, starting mid-October 2018, where I will show you how to use pastes/readymade ingredients to create Nyonya dishes that not only taste authentic, but anyone can make it as well.

It does not matter whether you can cook, as long as you can get hold of the readymade pastes,  you are on your way to create these amazing Nyonya cuisine in your own kitchen.


Pre-register for the class now. More information will come in mid-September.

Look forward to hearing from you!