Have a look at the image above, this is a photo of our lemon tree.

I saw a few green lemons and thought let’s make something out of these lemons.

 Questions that you can raise with your children:

How many lemons can you find?

  • Use their fingers to point to each lemon and count out loudly..1….2….3…4….
  • What shape are the lemons?
  • What colour are the lemons? (Yes, green ones turn yellow!)
  • What is the texture of the lemons? Hard? Soft? Rough? Smooth? Try to squeeze it…
  • What about the smell? What do they smell like? Can you smell anything?

Other similar activities:

Head out to the garden and find something such as a tomato plant or any herbs that you come across, and get them to smell and feel the texture, and ask what do they feel like?

Activate their five senses, have fun while learning about colours, shapes and counting.

No doubt, numeracy and literacy are essential skills to have; however, to a young child, they learn through playing and having fun. So make your daily interactions fun and interactive. Your child will be learning without realising it.

Have a creative fun day with your children.