Penang Perspective: My Island in the Sun - Vol II: Khor Cheang Kee

By Datuk Khor Cheang Kee

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Khor Cheang Kee worked for more then 50 years on the Pinang Gazette (the oldest English language newspaper east of Suez), the pre-war Straits Echo, the post-war Straits Times and New Straits Times, and The Star. These Penang perspectives first saw print more than 30 years ago, but they still retain their pristine appeal. Taken together, they are one man’s sentimental journey along the happy highways of his beloved Penang.

Those who read this book and join Khor Cheang Kee on his journey will find him a really good companion. He was a humorous raconteur who could keep his listeners spellbound. He was a humanitarian, a teacher and an educator. There was always a lesson in what he said, yet a lesson conveyed gently and without dogma. He was well known as much for his lively and impish wit as for the depth and breadth of this knowledge on public issues, customs, historical events, and education.

Title: Penang Perspective: My Island in the Sun – …
Publisher: Institut Masyarakat
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Paperback
Illustrator: Khor Kok Kheng
Book Condition: New
Edition: First edition.

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