My children learning how to make gyoza (Japanese dumling) with my cousin in Japan

I have to apologise for not keeping in touch for the past 2 weeks. It was really busy leading up to the short break with my family in Japan, and I did not have the time to schedule all the emails out in time before I left. However, I did update via the Facebook Page. If you not on there yet, please check the Nyonyalicious Facebook Page.

This trip was a family trip. It has been a while since my husband and I travelled with our adult children. Normally they would travel with their friends, but we thought maybe it would be nice to head out together as a family for a short break. Also my children had not been to Japan, and they had not planned anything for the Easter break. We decided to head to Japan for a visit and also to have a mini family reunion with my Aunty and her family in Tokyo.

It is always nice to visit new places, experience new culture, sample the local cuisine, visit the must see places, learn a bit of their language or just experience the local life style. On top of that, it was also an opportunity to connect with relatives and friends as well.

It was Golden Week in Japan, so my cousins were home with the family. Our timing was perfect for the family reunion. We had a wonderful and memorable quality time with my aunty and her family.

My aunty cooked so many amazing dishes (did I mention she was the MasterChef in our Penang kitchen?); we chatted (my cousins and uncle are proficient in English; we dined; we shared our experiences and my children even learned how to make gyoza from my cousin.

We also managed to catch up with one of my classmates who now resides in Japan. We had the opportunity to meet up in Tokyo for breakfast and shared some quality time together.

So right now, while unpacking all those dirty clothes from the bags, we are also packing away wonderful and fond memories of the time spent together.  The time spent walking those ten thousand or twenty thousand steps, catching the trains, checking out local eateries, researching must see places together, discussing the mode of transportation to our next destination etc.

I know one day soon my children will have their own path to walk, with their own family to raise, and the quality time that we used to share together will be far and few. So this trip was a wonderful opportunity to create those amazing memories together, so they can now remember the time we spent together as a family, as well as with their relatives and friends in Japan.

Remember, our relationships are built on those experiences we share together. So take every opportunity to connect and to build on those relationships together. And with today’s technology, we are all just one click away from each other!

To my Aunty and her family as well as my own family, thank you for the shared memories together!