I was watching an advertisement about a grandfather reading a story to the grandson on his tablet. They are facing each other; the grandfather was reading and the grandson listening and smiling at the grandfather.

I could not think of a better way to connect families – the grandfather making time for one on one story time with the grandson, reading stories to him while sharing his life stories and experiences with him as well.

I don’t know what the advertisement is about, but I just so love the sentiment.

Connections made easy

It does not matter where you are in the world. You may be far away from your children, grandchildren and family, or just a few hours’ drive from them.  That does not mean you can’t connect with them regularly. With the advancement of technology, anything is possible.

There will always be the phone; however, now with the smart phones and tablets,  connections with your loved ones are so much easier.

For example, you can download the Whatsapp, Facebook Messenges, Skype, Line’s applications, just to name a few that I know of. As long as you have access to the internet, you are on your way to connect with your loved ones all over the world.

Don’t have an internet connection? You can get free wifi at the shopping centres, libraries, MacDonalds, hotels,  the airports or other public places. So there are no more excuses for not connecting with your loved ones!

Speaking the language of your children

Sometimes communicating with your children is a bit difficult when they have their busy social calendar fully booked or are busy with other activities. If you add them in your group chats, you will be able to connect and communicate with them at the click of your finger, as you are “speaking” their language.

Cards or Phonecalls

It is always nice to receive cards or letters for your anniversaries or birthdays; however, sometimes a personal call to that person may be what he or she really needs. For example, we will normally send birthday cards to my parents, but what make them happiest is when we call them and they have the chance to talk to everyone.

Types of apps

With some of the apps, you can see each other as well, just like video conferencing. It is just like talking face to face with that person, like the one in the advertisement.

Some apps make sending photos and video very easy, so you can send notes, photos or videos to your loved ones.

For example, a grandson sending a video of his school trip to his grand dad to reflect on his trip; adding voice to a video to a project you are working on with your siblings overseas; sharing a video or photo of a new dish you are experimenting with your mum etc.

Remember, your relationships with your family are built gradually through constant interactions with each other, so make use of the advancement in technology to connect with your family.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

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