Lay Ean Eng

Welcome to Nyonyalicious community – a community of food lover of Malaysian / Peranakan cuisine!

My name is Lay-Ean.

Firstly, let me introduce what Tok Panjang means…

Tok, means table in Hokkien, and Panjang means long in a Malay term. So, Tok Panjang in Malaysian / Baba Nonya ( means Long Table.

In traditional terms, when we mention Tok Panjang, we usually refer to a type of feast associated with weddings and special occasions and the amazing peranakan cuisine that are served.

That’s the reason I chose the term Tok Panjang to represent my message.

Tok Panjang is basically about:

  • sharing fun and easy ways to introduce nonya cuisine to you, even if you are time poor or don’t know how to cook.
  • family connections – simple ways to introduce your cultural dishes to your children.
  • reconnecting with your roots through cultural and traditional food.

In another words – I would like to encourage all the time poor parents to use your kitchen as a medium for you to have fun, and to create opportunities to connect with your children through food preparation and cooking, while bridging cultural and generational gaps through wholesome traditional food with your family.

Therefore, I am on a Tok Panjang mission – I want to bring back the nonya cuisine that is conducive to the Peranakan community of the 21th century – simple and fun ways to cook nonya cuisine.

Let’s Connect! and ask me any questions you may have regarding the ready made pastes.

Over the next 13 days, I will be sending you simple recipes on how to cook authentic Penang/Malaysian dishes using the Little Nonya Pastes.

In the meantime, visit for other recipes.

Let’s Connect! and ask me any questions you may have regarding the ready made pastes.