The easiest way to share your culture and heritage with younger generations is through the cuisine you grew up with.

I wrote about why it is important to embrace our culture and heritage in my previous blog post, and this is more important when we move overseas far away from our community.

But how do we do that?

For me personally, one of the easiest ways is to re-connect to the cuisine that we grew up with – i.e. your childhood dishes.

So why am I still so passionate about the Nyonya cuisine?

Because it is the cuisine I grew up with! Also I think it is a cuisine that’s worth preserving because of its uniqueness and the awesomely delicious dishes we had – hence Nyonyalicious!

Nyonyalicious is for people like myself, who have migrated to a new country, integrated into a new culture, but still want to connect to our roots and our heritage.

Through Nyonyalicious, I will share with you my own heritage through the cuisine I grew up with, and share it with the community who grew up with that cuisine. And for those who are interested in the Nyonya cuisine, please join me on this journey as well.

Nyonya Cuisine Made Simple

However, I acknowledge that Nyonya cuisine can be quite challenging, as it takes time to prepare the pastes and spices. Since we live far away from our birth country, sometimes it can be challenging to source the ingredients. Even if you can get the raw ingredients, you may not have the time or knowledge on how to mix the spices together.

Over the past 20 years, we are so blessed to have readymade ingredients being gradually introduced into Australia. With the convenience of the readymade ingredients, it is just a matter of putting everything together and you can easily whip up a delicious Nyonya dish in no time.

I have specially chosen The Little Nyonya range readymade pastes, which are authentically Penang flavour, and masterfully prepared by the people who understood the cuisine well. So if you enjoy Penang Nyonya flavours, do give these pastes a go.

At the same time, head to the kitchen now and share one of your favourite childhood dishes with your family tonight! It does not matter how bad your cooking skill is, just share one of the dishes and remember to accompany the dish with a story!