For many of you, you may know that I started Nyonyalicious with these pastes all the way from Penang. I call it the MUST have for Nyonya cooks of today!

These pastes are specially created with the authetic flavours of Penang. So if you enjoy Penang Nyonya flavours as well as Penang hawker food, there pastes are a MUST have!

Before I even started selling the pastes, I used to haul kilos of these pastes back to Australia after each trip back to Penang. One day a friend asked me why don’t I retail the pastes in Australia since I love them so much. Also this friend had to cart these pastes all the way from Penang each time she visited Australia.

So if I were to retail them in Australia, it would save her so much effort in carrying these pastes all the way to Australia – and mind you, they are seriously heavy as well. Each pack is a quarter of a kilo plus packaging.

I still remember some 30 plus years ago when I arrived in Australia; even think of finding ingredients to cook a Malaysian dish was so hard, let alone finding a Malaysian restaurant serving Malaysian dishes in Australia.

Fast track 30 years on, we now have amazing Malaysian restaurants all over Australia, and with these amazing Malaysian ingredients at our finger tips, we can just whip up an authentic Malaysian dish in under 30 minutes. I am truly grateful for that.

I am ever grateful to the Malaysian immigrants who opened the path for importing all these amazing ingredients to Australia so that we have the opportunity to enjoy them in Australia.  The same gratitude goes to restaurant owners and food caterers who worked hard, sharing their skills to fellow migrants who miss their childhood dishes as well.

So, if you have not had the chance to try the Little Nyonya range pastes before and would like to try, this is a great opportunity for you to do so. I have made it so simple for you order. Whether you try a single flavour or a few flavours, this is your best option – Bundle Your Own Penang Little Nyonya Pastes and Save!

This is how you will save:

The first packet of the paste is $3.95. Subsequent packets of pastes will be based on the discount structure below:

1 item – $3.95 each
2 – 4 items – enjoy 5% discount
5 – 9 items – enjoy 7.5% discount
10+ items – enjoy 10% discount

Below is a video on how to order.

If you have feedback on these pastes or any of the products, you can send them to me directly, or alternatively, you can click on the product from the website and under the review tabs, leave your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have an amazing day ahead!