10 fun holiday activities at home that create connections

10 fun holiday activities at home that create connections

School holidays are always a great time to rest, recuperate, rejuvenate and reconnect with your children. Just relax and breath…

No plans, no activities to attend, no need to get up in time for breakfast and rush out of the house to catch the bus… or get to school. On school days we are always rushing.

I remembered when my children were at school, during the first few days of a school break we would have a “lock down” in terms of activities. This meant zero external activities for a few days, i.e. not going out with friends or having friends over, but just allowing ourselves to rest and relax. We avoided any rushing in the morning, so the children just chilled, laid in bed, read in bed and just enjoyed each other’s company. Everything was just in slow motion, with no rush and no stress and just time to enjoy the serenity and peace.

We all need that occasionally, don’t you agree?

Haven’t all of you been rushing for the whole school term coupled with after school activities? Morning rush, yelling and hurrying the children to get ready in the morning, then when we were back from school, it is another run of madness, rushing from one activity to the next… the stress, the tiredness…

Wouldn’t it be nice just to be home, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quietness?

Holiday times are a great opportunity to rest and recuperate not just for your children, but for yourself too. It is also a great time to reconnect, and if you feel like it, it is a great opportunity to instill new skills. You can do what you have been planning to do, and infuse the joy of learning and creating into your children.

Children learn through fun. I have listed 10 fun activities that you can enjoy with your children during the school holidays, and which are fun and educational. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave home to enjoy them.

Here are 10 fun educational activities that you can share and enjoy with your children at home. Have fun with lots of laughter and joy.

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I would love to hear what you do with them. Have an enjoyable time with your children.