I still whole heartedly believe that children can learn so much from HOME, play and interacting with people they love and trust. They learn through being hands on, i.e. helping you with homechores, cooking, in the garden or shopping together, visiting libraries and storytelling time, interacting and playing with friends, or singing and dancing, and activities that they can relate to and make sense to them.

While at the same time this is how you bond with them: through these meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

So my message for you today is to involve your child in your daily activities, whether it be cooking and folding clothes together, or getting them to help you. Invite your kids to the kitchen to help with washing the vegetables, cutting or chopping (aged appropriate of course) potatoes or carrots, cooking rice, boiling pasta etc. Involve them and you will be surprised with what they can do in the kitchen.

Use this opportunity to open up communication, such as sharing your day with them. Tell them about what’s happened and once they are comfortable, relaxed and beginning to trust you, that’s when the channel of communication starts opening up.

I understand that parents are busy and downright tired by the end of the day; however, I urge you to find the time, even 15 minutes daily just to be there for them. Allow yourself to be available to listen and be with your children, to build the bonds and understanding.

I know, 15 minutes may sound a short time; however, but it is about the quality of the connections rather than quantity of the time you spend with them.

So my message to you today is enjoy your children; involve them in what you do whenever and where ever possible, and remember, quality works better than quantity.

To a child, LOVE is spelt TIME!