Connections with children

As you may know, I place a high value on creating connections with your children and building a fantastic relationship with them. Connecting with your family is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. All your family benefits from these connections.

So what does a connected family look like?

  • Family activities that you would be able to look back 20 years from now and smile about.
  • You would be able to just “chat” with your children any time as well as spending quality time with them.
  • A family where you wake up in the morning and they greet you with smiles on their faces; they give you a kiss, and you sit down and have breakfast together.
  • A family that enjoys having dinner together and having the most enjoyable conversations.
  • You are the person your children go to if they have any issues in their lives.
  • A family that is built on trust and love.
  • A family that respects each other.

Any interactions you have with your children play a role. You are literally creating connections both physically and emotionally each day, while bonding with them at the same time.

What does interaction mean?

Everything you do together every minute of the day with your family is an interaction. Activities such as shopping, communicating, going for walks together, having a meal together, cooking together, playing, reading to your children, volunteering at schools together, helping your children with their school work, walking your children to and from school or taking them to their school activities, even watching a show together…literally everything that you do together means you are building the bonds, connections and relationship with them.

Connections and bonding with family

For example, having breakfast together with your family.

Don’t just serve food to them, join them. It is about the sharing, communicating and enjoying each other’s company that creates the bonds and connections. Food, as they say, is prepared with love and sharing breakfast together or any meal together is re-creating the love within the family.

So how do you create connections and bond with your children right now? Let’s share …  Name one thing that you really enjoy sharing with your family.