Connections through Food and Communication

A whole week of great food and connections with relatives and friends!

Over the past few days I had the opportunity to host my cousins from Melbourne. It was really fantastic to connect with my cousin and the family.  We visited the Fish Markets and then enjoyed delicious Singapore chilli crab with noodles at our local restaurant.

In the same week, a family friend from Malaysia [I wrote about them last year [] visited us after my cousin left. They spent a week with us at our place. We have the opportunity to learn from her how to make all the nice traditional cakes from Malaysia. My daughter had just finished her exams, so it was a good opportunity for her to join the fun as well.

We made “zongzi” the first day.


(Me – getting ready for the apprentice training)

Ingredients for “zongzi” :


 The end results: Yuuuuum!!

We spent the whole morning getting the ingredients ready, about 2-3 hours of wrapping and 2 hours of steaming. We were tired, but it well worth the effort. Our dinner was a combination of fish curry and zongzi.

Later in the week, we made “pork buns” and “Ang Koo” (Red Turtle).


Now that my friends had left, we are still enjoying all the goodees made. Every mouthful will bring back the wonderful memories of the food and the laughter we shared.

Food + Communication = Connection

Oh did I say that my Uncle and Aunty from Vancouver are spending a day with us at the end of November, before embarking for their cruise via Sydney?

November has been a month of connecting with family and friends! I am so blessed!

Have a connected day with your family through lots of laughter and fun!!

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