Do we really ever stop connecting?

Our next stop was Kuala Kurau – Perak – my husband’s hometown.

Kuala Kurau is a small fisherman’s town in Perak, Malaysia. This is where we enjoyed the best and freshest seafood during our trip back to Malaysia.

Kuala Kurau Kuala Kurau

Early morning market at Kuala Kurau

The people at Kuala Kurau start their day early. The street vendor locations and market are filled with action before the sun rises.

Since it is a small town, we just walked and explored, talking and connecting with the town people. Some even remembered my husband even though he had left the town more than 30 years ago.

Kuala Kurau - Teo Chew opera

teochew opera

There was one huge bonus when we were there. During our visit, they were featuring the “teochew opera” (one of the many variants of Chinese opera); this opera is something we rarely see in the modern city. That brought back memories about visiting the show together with the family (it’s a great opportunity for a family outing): abundance of good food and a time for getting together with other families and friends.

On top of that, my sister-in-law just opened up a new shop there, so we spent almost two days helping them set up the store, cleaning and clearing… It was tiring, but enjoyed every minute chatting and connecting with the family.

Kuala Kurau

My sister in law and I in front of her new shop

Apart from that, we were on the road visiting other relatives, as well as our school mates living around the area. We visited other nearby towns, meeting up with friends and relatives and sampling the local delicacies.

When it was time to leave the town, we visited a few local factories along the way back to Penang – the famous local biscuits and salted eggs factories – all our childhood favourites and they still are.

Kuala Kurau Kuala Kurau

The famous salted egg factory and the “tambun” biscuits

After three wonderful and eventful weeks reconnecting with our families, friends and our roots, we packed our extra heavy luggage and headed back to Sydney, holding fond memories and connecting with more friends on our Facebook.

We brought wonderful food stuff back to Australia to share with our kids and friends. That’s a great way for them to connect to their childhood and think about the food that they grew up with.

If you have the opportunity, make some time to reconnect to yourself, either through the food that you loved or with your families and friends. Give yourself the opportunity to reconnect to yourself, get to know who you are and what you want in life. This will empower you to be the person and parent you set out to be.

If you had any events or opportunity of connecting to your roots.

Have a connected day with your family.

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