Create a safe environment at home for your child to thrive

Your child will feel safe, emotionally secure and happy in a home filled with unconditional love and respect; this will lead them to developing his or her confidence, feeling safe to express who he or she is, and achieving what he or she sets out to achieve.

Respect your child for who he or she is, and realise that every child is different

Every child is unique; he or she has their own characteristics, own likes and dislikes, expresses things differently and walks a different path in life.

It is important for parents to realise and respect this, as we, as parents, sometimes have a tendency to expect to our children to walk the same path as we do, and achieve, think and do the same thing as we do.

If your child does not walk the expected path, we could be upset and critical about it, which can be potentially detrimental to a child’s development, self esteem and self worth.

How can you do that?

Create connections and establish a strong relationship with your children and support them with unconditional love.

Make time for your child – because to a child, love is spelled TIME.

For a young child, he or she learns through play. Children feel the connection and security through fun and interactions, and develop their self-esteem and self-worth through love, smiles and encouragement by parents or adults closest to them. For teenagers, play and fun can be going to see a movie together.

Through the one on one focus and connections, your child will feel loved and cherished – thus feel safe to express him or herself, and so be the confident person he or she sets out to be.