The challenges of high school

What happens when you children moves from primary to secondary school? How would they feel? How do they adjust?

During the transition, it is a whole new exciting yet daunting world to them – and for the parents too. They will feel excited and anxious for a start. Excited for starting a new phase of life, but anxious as they will be leaving their friends and a familiar environment where they have spent the last six years. As they are not too sure about the new environment the fear of the unknown blends in.

What to expect from high school?


Firstly, they will be “surprised” and in fact “shocked” with the amount of responsibilities that are placed on their shoulders, such as extra homework, after-school curriculum and other activities.

Secondly, they will be “treated” more like a grown up rather than a primary school kid – and most of them love that feeling.

Some kids will thrive, however some will need some time to adjust and get used to changes.

In today’s blog, I would like to touch on the topic of high school home work.

Homework at high school

This is an interesting topic. You will notice that when your kids were in primary school, there was hardly any homework, except possibly some science and geography projects. However, when they start high school, there seems to be unending homework, projects, after school activities etc. There is definitely more to do and learn.

For those parents whose child has just started high school, I know exactly where you are. Both you and your children are in a totally different learning environment altogether. You will be seeing your child’s never ending workload; they would sometimes have to stay up late to finish the work. Some kids would be able to handle that; however, some would need additional help to adjust to the new level of responsibilities and expectations.

How can you support your child during this period?

Would you as a parent offer to help your child?

Would you sit with your child every night to help them with their homework?

Would you help them with their projects?

Would you be worried if their work is not done that it will affect their grades?

Dad and daughter learning together

Parents worry…

I am totally on your side. I have been there. I had been through all the worrying times – all the late nights I stayed up and helped my children with the research and revising for their exams.

I had seen the stress, the tears, the worrying…

Now looking back…

These are what I can share with you and I hope it will help.

To the parents whose children have started high school, below are the things your children will learn and be empowered with:

  1. Your child will notice that there are more expectations on them .
  2. This is where they will learn the meaning of responsibility, accountability and consequences.
  3. This is where they will appreciate the meaning of time management.

Below are suggestions on how you can help your children during the transition:

  1. Don’t be stressed; note that the school would not give them anything that they can’t handle.
  2. Guide and be there for them. Show them how to research for information. Show them what is needed, brain storm with them and help them to structure their ideas. Help them to time manage the project.
  3. Don’t do their homework for them. This will hamper the lesson of accountability and responsibility, and results in your child developing dependency on your help with their future projects.
  4. If they need help with transportation, help them where necessary – be safe.
  5. Provide good nutritious food to help them with concentration and growth during this period of transition.
  6. If further help is needed, do not hesitate to seek external help where necessary.

Normally after the first year, your child will settle and handle the change of routine much better.