Play is children’s language for…fun, pleasure, joy, relaxing, exploring, creating and learning.

Through play, children learn and grow.

Through play, children learn about their environment, learn about themselves, learn about their own ability, learn how to get along with other children; through play, they excel, progress, grow, gain fitness and health, find their voice, gain confidence and form their self esteem.

Play and Physical development

One of the many benefits of play is it helps with physical development. Play contributes to fine and gross motor development and body awareness as they actively use their bodies.

Colouring, painting, holding pencils, drawing, or playing with scrabble, blocks, and puzzles are fine motor skills where toddlers will learn and develop through play. They will start with holding the drawing instruments with their whole hand, and gradually fine tune to controlling the instruments with their fingers.

They refine their gross motor skills through interacting with the environment such as crawling, rolling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, catching and throwing balls, kicking a ball, falling and getting up again, hopping, riding a bicycle , dancing and other physical activities.

It is important that daily unscheduled play is introduced to growing kids, as the more they play, experiment and experience things, the more they learn to access risks, improve on their motor skills and gain physical fitness.

While I am currently working on an eBook about Kids and Play – I came across this article in the Daily Telegraph – School kids suffering hi-tech flabby fingers 4th May 2013. (

This situation can be avoided by getting the kids out and getting them running, climbing and having fun.

So let’s play…and have a connected and FUN day with your kids.