Make time for your parents

Time is precious. When you spend or allocate your time on something, it means the thing that you are investing your time on is important to you.

I understand you have only so many hours in your day, which you have to devote to your work and family.

Make time…

I wrote about the importance of making time for your child, because to a child, LOVE is spelt TIME.

I have also asked you not to forget about your spouse because having a great relationship with your spouse is a partnership. This partnership is one of the foundations of a harmonious family.

In this article, I am going to touch on the subject of making time for your parents.

In the everyday “bu-sy-ness” and stress – work, kids, spouse, home, finances … you may not have the luxury of spending as much time with your parents as you would like to. I am going to share with you some tips on how to make time to include your parents in your family, even if you are busy. This also covers your in-laws.

How can you make time for your parents?

Include your parents in your children’s activities

If your parents live close by, how about including them in one of your childrens’ activities?
You can either pick your parents up on your way to the venue, organise transportation for them to get there, or they can find their own way.

Make a date

Set aside sometime each month to either invite your parents over for a meal or take them out for a meal instead. This is a fantastic way to keep in touch with them, as well as keeping an eye on them regarding their health and well being.

I have known many friends who set aside Sunday as a family day with the parents. They will either drop by at their parents’ home, or have dinner together with everyone bringing a plate.

Keep in constant contact – distance is not an issue

Whether you have parents live close by or far away, a weekly phone call will make your parents’ hearts filled with love and joy. With the advancement in technology, it is no longer expensive to keep in touch.

For example, now the major phone carriers offer a flat fee for your phone bill, which includes free national landline calls.

Alternatively, if your parents are technologically savvy, use Skype to communicate with them. This way, both of you will have the opportunity to see each other.

You parents will understand about your commitment to your work and family; however, a quick phone call or a note every now and then is a fantastic way to connect and keep in touch with them.

Have a connected day with your parents, and I would love it if you could share more tips below or connect through Facebook.