By Alexius Wong

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Why is so little known about one of the first hybrid cultures formed before the discovery of the New World?

In a personal quest for meaning and understanding of his culture’s early days to the present, the author stumbles across revealing forces and world events filled with intrigue. In the process, he discovers what compelled his Chinese ancestors to risk their lives and travel thousands of miles on the high seas in search of a new home in Southeast Asia. The result of their union with the local women is the formation of the Baba Nyonya Peranakan culture of Malaysia and Singapore.

In this uniquely-written and multimedia-rich e-book, the author ties in elements of the culture’s millenia-long history with personal recollections of his family and cultural life. We are also introduced to his family members and ancestors, as well as stories and recipes of his grandmothers’ legendary Nyonya cooking that is perhaps the World’s first fusion cuisine. Links to printable recipes are provided.

Embedded in the text are hyperlinks that provide an enriched reading experience with photos, maps, interviews, articles, videos, and music, thus fully immersing the reader in its vibrant cultural life.

Part I. Introduction

1. Early Chinese Interest – Poh Piah
2. Chinese Sea Adventures – Chap Chai Melaka
3. Lucrative Illegal Sea Trade – Tauhu Sumpat
4. A New Home South – Babi Buah Keluak
5. Portugal Takes Malacca – Babi Masak Cincalok
6. Dutch VOC Dominates the Straits – Gerang Asam Ikan
7. The Straits Settlement Founded by the British – Pongteh
8. The Height of Baba-Nyonya Culture – Kueh Tair

9. Growing Up Peranakan – Kacang Panjang Telur
10. Traditional Clothing – Udang Lemak Masak Nenas
11. Hair, Face, and Betel Chewing – Nyonya Salad
12. A Young Nyonya’s Training – Achar Chili Melaka
13. Dining at Home – Ikan Sambal
14. Kinships and Language – Sambal Nenas Timun
15. Religious Practices, Part 1 – Tapeh Pulut
16. Religious Practices, Part 2 – Ayam Temprah
17. Entertainment – Bubur Pulut Hitam
18. Furniture and Ceramic Ware – Bubur Chacha

19. Full Moon Celebration – Nasi Kunyit, Kari Ayam Pekat
20. Birthday Celebration – Mi Suah
21. Wedding Celebration, Part 1 – Itek Tim
22. Wedding Celebration, Part 2 – Bi Tai Bak
23. Funerals and Commemorations – Kueh Angku Merah
24. Lunar New Year Celebration – Kueh Pai Tee, Chili Cuka
25. Summer Festival Celebration – Kueh Chang Nyonya
26. Winter Solstice Celebration – Kueh Ee
27. Kitchen God Celebration – Kueh Bakul Goreng, Kueh Bakul Kelapa

28. Madam Lee Khoon Thye, Part 1 – Sri Kaya
29. Madam Lee Khoon Thye, Part 2 – Kobis Masak Lemak Puteh, Sambal Belacan
30. Madam Leong Yoke Fong, Part 1 – Mee Siam
31. Madam Leong Yoke Fong, Part 2 – Laksa Lemak Melaka

The Decline and Future of the Culture – Sambal Timun