By Philip Chia

Book sold in both Kindle and Paperback version through

Book sold in both Kindle and Paperback version through 


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With their vibrant colours, aromatic flavours and endless variety, Nyonya snacks and desserts make delightful treats whatever the occasion. In this book, renown Peranakan chef Philip Chia shares 30 recipes for irresistible Nyonya delights including essential favourites and many forgotten treats that will excite even the most jaded Peranakan palate.

Written with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, creating these mouth-watering,crowd-pleasing treats has never been easier!

The Peranakans

A people ofmixed Chinese and Malay heritage, the Peranakans are known for their outstanding cuisine. Traditionally prepared by the womenfolk, or Nyonyas, the cuisine combines the best cooking styles and ingredients from the Chinese and Malay kitchens.

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