Images of Penang: Alvin Loh

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From the colonial glamour of the E&O Hotel to the sandy beaches of Batu Ferringhi; from the bustle of its shophouses, tradesmen and hawkers to the serenity of its myriad temples, churches and shrines; from the traditional customs and art of the Straits Chinese (Peranakan) community to the glittering malls and nightlife – Penang is a fascinating mix of East and West, past and present, tradition and modernity

Filled with stunning photographs of Penang’s vibrant yet harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, architecture, nature and the arts, Images of Penang presents a panoramic look at the island, its people and their lifestyles.

This coffee-table book is the perfect introduction for those keen on a visit to Penang, and an excellent keepsake for tourists, locals and anyone with an eye for culture brought to life through the lens.

Since the first edition in 2011, great changes have been afoot in Penang. This fully updated second edition captures all the latest highlights: a stunning new bridge linking Penang to the mainland, the weekend market on historic Beach Street, hip and happening cafes, and most eye-catching of all: the beautiful street murals that greet the visitor around the most unexpected corners…

Title: Images of Penang
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Editions
Publication Date: 2012
Binding: Soft cover
Book Type: book

Purchase this book from Amazon