Ingredient: Tamarind 77% Water 23%


Product of Malaysia

Tamarind concentrate is made from Tamarind pulp/paste and water. It is think and smooth and you can just scoop and use it straight away.

Why Tamarind concentrate?

Time saving ingredient! Easy to use – just scoop and add to dishes.

How much to use?

From the ingredient, it is 77% tamarind and 23% water. If the recipe calls for tamarind juice, use 1-2 tsp of the concentrate to the dish, taste and add more if need to.

How to store? 

It has a shelve life of 2 years. If it is not opened, it can sit on the shelve. However once opened, it has to be refrigirated.

What do you do with tramarind concentrate?

It can use in curries or marinades.

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