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Tamarind Concentrate 390g Richmond Brand

Tamarind Concentrate 390g Richmond Brand


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Tamarind concentrate. Just scoop and add to the dishes. So simple!
Product of Malaysia
Best By Date: May 24

Out of stock


Ingredient: Tamarind 77% Water 23%


Product of Malaysia

Tamarind concentrate is made from Tamarind pulp/paste and water. It is thick and smooth and you can just scoop and use it straight away.

Why Tamarind concentrate?

Time saving ingredient! Easy to use – just scoop and add to dishes.

How much to use?

From the ingredient, it is 77% tamarind and 23% water. If the recipe calls for tamarind juice, use 1-2 tsp of the concentrate to the dish, taste and add more if need to.

How to store? 

It has a shelve life of 2 years. If it is not opened, it can sit on the shelve. However once opened, it has to be refrigerated.

What do you do with tramarind concentrate?

It can use in curries or marinades.

> Tamarind Paste/Pulp 

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Dec 2022, May 2024

1 review for Tamarind Concentrate 390g Richmond Brand

  1. Shereen (verified owner)

    Smooth and tangy, it is very easy to use as there are no seeds or pulp to strain off. Just chuck it straight into the dish. The jar was packed so well with lots of bubble wrap – I think it would have survived anything!

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